We provide the best quality and personalized service to each of our patients.

Would love to give more than 5 stars as this clinic is amazing, professional and knowledgeable. Dr Sanchez is truly an artist with exceptional medical knowledge. I was greeted by the lovely Anna who is so kind and helpful. The assistants Alejandro and Daphne took excellent care of me during my treatment and Favian drove me to and from my hotel excellently. A wonderful experience from beginning to end. Certainly the best clinic in Cancun!

Cynthia Hammer Google Maps

Back again for the 3rd or fourth time. I’m a repeat customer and the staff here keeps making me look better. They also talk me out of procedures that are not in my best interest. Honest, professional, and very accommodating. You can fly down here from any place in the USA or Canada and make a u turn back home the next day. Heck, spend the weekend and will with everything it is still half as cheap as the USA or Canada.

Amr Metwally Google Maps

Mi marido y yo estuvimos en la consulta hace 15 días y no podemos estar más contentos . Un trato estupendo y sobre todo nos quedamos fascinados con el método que utilizan para poner las acciones anti arrugas y fillers, indoloro. Viajamos desde Texas pero desde luego que volveremos pronto a repetir, calidad 100% y un trato excelente . También me hice las cejas con Olga y es una artista. No estaba muy contenta con el color que ya llevaba de antes y ella me supo asesorar y hacer lo que necesitaba explicándome en todo momento. Gracias mil !!! Recomendado 100%

Ingrid Martinez Google Maps

So happy with results I'm 70 and smoked for 50 years quit 5 years ago. Love love. Love this place. Love the doctors. Love the assistance. I couldn't be happier. I mean people are actually telling me you look stunning. What a word huh? I mean I'm 70. I have guys and came up to me in a bar and told me I look stunning. I couldn't be happier.

Peggy Harris Google Maps

Had a consultation with the doctor before proceeding with Chemical Neuromodulator for the first time and fillers for the second after a non-satisfying experience elsewhere. It was quick and painless (just slightly uncomfortable) and my results were natural and minimal which is what I was going for. They provide a wide range of services so I’d recommend if you’re in town and looking to try any beauty treatments.

Alexa Enriquez Google Maps

Don't hesitate to entrust your face to this brilliant doctor's hands! I walked out looking 10 years younger, no joke. Even my husband who usually rolls his eyes at Chemical Neuromodulator/fillers couldn't stop telling me how great I looked. The entire staff here is kind and accommodating and speaks English if you're Spanish-challenged. I'm a lifelong customer.

Liz R. Google Maps

So amazing. The staff was great. Being in a different country can make you nervous but they did everything to make me feel comfortable. No pain. No bruising. Got my lips/jaw/cheeks done. Very pleased. Dr. Sanchez and his assistants were awesome. (1/2 the price of what you pay in the U.S). Would fly back just to see him.

Ross Tod Google Maps

I went to Oneline thanks to a friend's recommendation. This place is incredibly modern, uses the best products from Germany and France and the doctor and nurses are so knowledgable and sweet. I went to there for anti wrinkle injections and fillers, and compared to the US, I saved a ton of money, but even more importantly than that, the service and consultation were outstanding and not rushed like they usually are in the US! I am SO happy with the results. I did anti wrinkle injections in 3 zones in my face, underarm for hyperhidrosis, and did 4 syringes of fillers undereye, cheek, chin/ jaw and I look 10 years younger! Will be back for microneedling and laser next time I'm back in Cancun. Excellent service!

Katja Gomer Google Maps

Tengo 43 años y llevo 3 años como cliente de Oneline. Entre todo lo que ofrecen siempre le había dado muy poca importancia a los tratamientos faciales porque en mis 22 años de vivir aquí nunca había encontrado una cosmetóloga quién realmente sepa lo que hace. Esto hasta conocer a Anita!! El Facial Premium combina productos y aparatología con su técnica y conocimiento. El resultado fue/es piel tersa, luminosa, poros cerrados, cejas elevadas y pómulos llenos. Definitivamente me lo regalaré cada mes. Mi piel (igual que yo) es agradecida por su profesionalismo y cálidez de siempre!

Emeshe S Google Maps


Olga Litvin Micropigmentation Specialist
Olga Litvin Micropigmentation Specialist
Dr. Gilberto Sanchéz - Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Gilberto Sanchéz Cosmetic Surgeon
Dafne Pamplona Nutritionist
Dafne Pamplona Nutritionist
Dr. Iván Wong - Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Iván Wong Cosmetic Surgeon