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Amazing! I get dermal filler lips done every 6 months in the UK and Australia. This was by far the best procedure I have ever had. This was the first time I felt virtually no pain. Several different techniques were used to minimise the pain and even hours later I felt minimal pain and no bruising. I was worried about having the treatment internationally in a new location but Dr Gilberto Sánchez was fantastic and performed the augmentation with ease and I am so happy! The rest of the team was super friendly and helpful too!
- Jenny Watt
Many many thanks to Dr. Gilberto!! He did an amazing job!! I have never had such an amazing result! I am very happy and I recommend him 1000%! I had Botox and Fillers done and I really couldn't be happier! THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️
- Mihaela C
My husband and I went to the clinic 15 days ago and we couldn't be happier. Great treatment and above all we were fascinated with the method they use to apply Botox and fillers, painless. We traveled from Texas but we will definitely be back soon to repeat, 100% quality and excellent treatment. I also had my eyebrows done by Olga and she is an artist. I wasn't very happy with the color I already had before and she knew how to advise me and do what I needed, explaining the procedure to me at all times. Thank you so much!!! 100% recommended
- Ingrid Martinez
Don't hesitate to trust your face into the hands of this brilliant doctor! I walked out looking 10 years younger, no joke. Even my husband, who normally rolls his eyes at Botox and fillers, couldn't stop telling me how great I looked. The entire staff here is friendly and helpful and speaks English if you have trouble with Spanish. I'm a lifelong customer.
- Liz R.
I had a consultation with the doctor before proceeding with botox for the first time and fillers for the second time after an unsatisfactory experience elsewhere. It was quick and painless and my results were natural and minimal, which is what I was looking for. They offer a wide range of services, so I highly recommend them if you are in town and want to try some beauty treatment.
- Alexa Enriquez
I went during my trip to Cancun last week. I called and was seen the next day. It was fast, the price was great, and it was painless. I highly recommend going here for Botox while in town. Great job! Thank you.
- William and Patricia Wells
I came to Oneline thanks to a friend's recommendation. This place is incredibly modern, uses the best products from Germany and France and the doctor and nurses are very knowledgeable and friendly. I went there for Botox and fillers and compared to the US, I saved a ton of money, but even more important than that, the service and consultation was excellent and not rushed like they usually are in the US! I am VERY happy with the results. I had Botox done on 3 areas of my face, under my arms for hyperhidrosis and I had 4 syringes of filler done under my eyes, cheeks, chin and jawline and I look 10 years younger! I will be back for microneedling and laser next time I am back in Cancun. Great service!
- Katja Gomer
I highly recommend Oneline and Dr. Gilberto Sánchez. I was visiting my sister in Cancun and found his clinic online. His website was extremely informative, listing prices, client testimonials, before and after pictures, and a detailed list of services. I contacted the clinic and they were extremely responsive and were able to get me an appointment right away with Dr. Gilberto. When I met with him, he was great, he checked out my face, explained what I needed based on my concerns and how to best harmonize my face. I have had fillers done before and showed him pictures of what I was looking for. I was so happy with how gentle Dr. Gilberto was, they have a few tricks that allow you to relax during the procedures, so much so that I almost fell asleep. It was amazing! The service from him and his staff was top notch.
- Jenny Zavala
I visited Oneline Beauty in November and wanted to wait to see what my results were like. They were then and still are absolutely amazing! I must admit I was a little skeptical at first but Dr. Sánchez and his assistant were great to say the least. They even provided transportation to and from the clinic (I was staying in the hotel zone). I had botox and facial fillers done and am so happy with my results. Needless to say, I will be visiting Oneline Beauty Clinic EVERY time I travel to Cancun.😊
- Krista Peters